Carbide Round Tools

Orion 2 & 3 Flute Solid Carbide End Mills for Aluminum

Designed to Significantly Reduce Machining Time, & Provide Excellent Surface Finishes in Aluminum!

• Effective in a full range of machine speeds from 3,000 to 50,000 RPM’s
• Use only one tool for roughing and finishing operations
• Slotting is effective up to full 1 x D axial depth, side milling (profiling) is effective up to 0.5 x D radial by 1.5 x D axial depth
• Multiple corner radii and extended neck configurations are available as standard
• 3 Flute series uses unequal flute spacing for chatter free performance
• Especially useful in airframe construction and other aerospace applications
• Also used in General Engineering, Machine Tool, and Vehicle markets
• Designed for customers machining a large volume of aluminum products
• Effective in high-speed machining, conventional milling, and MQL applications
• The high shear flute design and high polished flutes allow for extremely high cutting rates, rapid chip removal, and long tool life

General Purpose 2 & 4 Flute Solid Carbide End Mills

for Maximum Performance in: Stainless Steels, Low & Medium Carbon Steels, Tool Steels

Reliability delivers the quality & performance you expect
Durability stands up to the most extreme conditions
Productivity attacks the most demanding application using variable pitch technology (GP4R)
Longevity reduced chatter enhances tool life
Versatility one tool for slotting, pocketing, roughing & finishing